Heart Connections


During one of the closing ceremonies at a workshop I was attending, the horse that was participating went around the circle and blew softly on the clasped hands of everyone in the circle.

We were all so amazed we couldn’t even speak and I felt a wave of love flowing between us and then spread out into the world.watch Blade Runner 2049 film online now



She had not been trained or coaxed to do this blessing she bestowed on us and I could feel it came from her heart.

Thinking about it later, I realized that the timing of what she did was the surprising thing – horses share their love like this frequently with each other.


A lucky human also gets to experience this connection with a horse when a special bond is shared.

That soft touch and gentle blow can make the hair on my body stand up and a shiver of sweet loving energy spreads all over me deep into my soul.

I feel our hearts connect.




Special moments with my husband and children have resulted in similiar feelings, but sadly as the days go by and we are busy with our lives these  special moments become fewer and farther between.



Being with my horses is teaching me that connecting hearts is really quite easy.

A gentle touch, a soft sigh, and just being present with each other is all you need.

Our hearts know what to do and will find the connection.



That is just one of the ways my horses have helped me find my Lost World.

Have you found this special connection?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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