All Is Well

Peaceful horses copyHORSES GRAZING

Ever wonder why watching horses grazing in a pasture is so enjoyable?film War for the Planet of the Apes online

Notice that your breathing slows, you feel calm, and worries just fade away?

I have frequently had people stop at my farm and ask if they could stand at the fence and watch the horses.

Most of them leave with a smile on their face.


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Horses quietly munching grass, occasionally snorting or pausing to give each other a mutual back scratching, inspire a sense of calm.

As a prey animal their senses are finely tuned to any sign of danger.

If something startles them they immediately access the situation and take the appropriate action they think is necessary to feel safe.

Once there is no longer a threat the horses return to grazing – no worries!

So when I am observing them I also sense the feeling that all is well.



I love feeling that all is well!

It’s so great for me to be able to receive that serenity from my horses!

It has helped me to realize that I don’t need to be worrying about all that stuff I can’t see or do anything about.



Of course watching horses graze is not for everyone and it is certainly not the only way to find that wonderful feeling of peace.

Many places or animals in nature can inspire that feeling – and everyone can find something that works for them.

The important thing is to be able find and hold onto the knowing that all is well.



I was inspired to make this collage with a little poem to illustrate  – and even this would be useful as something to focus on instead of worrying.

The colors are calming and the image of my little mare quietly grazing as the world swirls around her is serene.
Peaceful horses copy



If I maintain that feeling of serenity, knowing that everything is good, my life improves because that is what I am attracting into my world.

My sleep improves, I am so much happier!

Life is good knowing all is well in my Lost World.



Have you found that place what inspires All Is Well?

Please share it in the comments below.

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