The Art of Doing Nothing


One of thePluto-and-Starbound-Poetry really wonderful things I have learned about living in my Lost World is that there is nothing I HAVE to do to stay in this happy place.

I can do nothing.

But just exactly what does “doing nothing” mean?

If you took it literally you would have to stop breathing, thinking, seeing, hearing, feeling….well, that doesn’t sound too appealing.



For me “doing nothing” is sitting outside listening to the birds sing, the trees dance, and the horses eating grass.

It’s feeling the sun on my skin and smelling the fragrance of the flowers in the garden.

It could also be daydreaming while sitting in a comfortable chair as soothing music plays in the streaming film Despicable Me 3 2017 online

Getting a massage or facial are also great ways to do nothing.

I’m not doing anything – someone else is doing something to me while I lay there feeling fantastic.



Some might argue that sleeping is doing nothing, and sometimes it is, except when it feels like an effort to get to sleep.

That is the key word, I think, “effort”. Doing nothing implys no effort – just letting it be – allowing the universe to flow.



Being able to do nothing for even a short while is important.

It helps me reset or restart – like a computer – clearing my head of all the things I have been stuffing in there.

It allows me to let it all go and settle where it will while allowing inspiration to flow.

I feel peaceful and content.

Worries fade and I know all is well.




That is where the “Art” part comes in. If I “do nothing” well my true self is set free.

Creatively finding ways of “doing nothing” that effectively pushes the reset and frees my spirit is an art. An art that is unique to each person.

Are you a master at the art of doing nothing?

Please share in the comments below.

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