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I have been practicing meditation a lot lately because I have learned that it is a good way to focus within and connect to my true self.

If I meditate I can create my perfect world and when I practice, practice, practice,  it helps keeps my mind there,  no matter what happens around me.



So far I am most successful with a guided meditation or at least some music. I think it would be better if I could control the direction of my own meditation so that is why I created my own mantra.

I always find the music helps me to relax but all the talking in guided meditations sometimes defeats the purpose of clearing my mind (at least for me).

There are some words ( like “OM”) that are frequently recommended, partially I think because they don’t encourage thought  – just chant and focus.

I think these are good but I also wanted something that was personal for me.



Not past
Not future – focus
Listen to intuition – create

I searched for words or ideas that were meaningful for me in creating my perfect Lost World.

I put them in the form of a short poem called Cinquain (pattern#1) because it is a style I enjoy.  They are simple and easy to chant – I like it!

It is also inspired by my horses – it is how they think all the time – in the now, listening to their gut, free.

I could probably come up with a few more mantras that would be good just by observing them more. 🙂



I recently discovered a meditative way of drawing (or doodling) and I find it very relaxing.

I like to do it while listening to a video or CD. It is called Zentangle – here is one of mine when I was thinking about flowers.





Have you discovered meditation?

Do you use a mantra?

Please share your meditation and/or mantra experience in the comments below.

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